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Client Success Stories


When Nick Daly was approached to lead the JobWire business post the 2019 buy-out, the plan from the outset was to outsource the whole back-office function. “I knew some of the people at Pay Australia from working with them in another business. Their involvement gave me the confidence to focus on the operational and service delivery aspects and to get out and grow the business”. Daly recalled.


“The alternative in a business the size we were at that stage is to hire generalists to do a bit of payroll, receivables collections and basic administration.” He continued. “Finding and training those people would have eaten into my time and impeded growth. With the Pay Australia model, you get the economies of scale from the beginning. Putting together an in-house team with the experience and expertise of Pay Australia is simply not a viable, affordable option for a business the size of JobWire.”


The outcome three years in confirms the initial thinking. JobWire has more than tripled in revenue, generating a level of organic growth that has “surpassed expectations”.

“What Our Clients Are Saying About Us”

"When I was approached to lead the JobWire business in 2019, the involvement of Pay Australia was fundamental to the deal. I knew the quality of the team would allow me to focus on growing the business without the day-to-day distractions of finding, training and managing an in-house back-office team. Since then, I’ve seen the Pay Australia team grow significantly with the quality of work meeting the same high standards that were evident at the outset. Having them there as an extension of the JobWire business takes away a lot of the worry and stress of running your own business. I’m able to focus on growth as opposed to worrying about the payroll getting done and the cash coming in on time. I’m delighted with the organic growth we have been able to deliver which the team at Pay Australia has played a significant role in. We certainly wouldn’t be looking at three times revenue in three years without them."
- JobWire Australia