Client Stories

Client Success Stories


A year into her journey as a business owner, Amanda Woodforde started to generate a level of revenue that prompted her to seek external support. “I know what I’m good at and I was honest enough with myself to know what I needed help and support with” she recalled. “The back office is not my strength and I wanted to ensure that the financial side of the business was going to keep pace with the growth we were achieving.”

Insights and Solutions

The introduction to Pay Australia enabled Woodforde Group to access a level of experience and expertise across Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Tax and Advisory, that would not have been possible by continuing to go it alone. “Pay Australia helped me with Strategy, structure and system implementation in addition to the standard back-office support you would typically expect” Mrs Woodforde continued. “Twelve months on we’re in a different place again. We’re having different conversations, often stimulated by the monthly reports they produce as well as the operational and strategic initiatives I know we need to deliver, such as the Employee Value Proposition which is hugely important to me.”


The relationship with Pay Australia has enabled Woodforde Group to double annual revenue and expand inter-state. “I’ve developed so much as a business owner as a result of the encouragement, support and insights I’ve received from the team. I don’t see them as an outsource provider, they are an extension of our business and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them”. Mrs Woodforde concluded.

“What Our Clients Are Saying About Us”

"After making the call to capitalise on all the experience I had gained working for a large multi-national recruitment firm by setting up my own business, the next best decision I made was to outsource my whole back-office function to Pay Australia. The knowledge, support and guidance of the whole team across payroll, accounts receivable, tax and advisory, has given me the confidence to do what I do best and focus on growing the business. The finance team at Pay Australia have been a great sounding board and I particularly like that we can have really robust conversations when necessary, in the knowledge that everyone has Woodforde Group’s best interests at heart. In the 12 months we have been working together Woodforde Group has expanded inter-state and doubled revenue. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without Pay Australia behind us."
- Woodforde Group